Zeus vs Monsters - PC Game Full Version - Math Games for Kids Grade K-5

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With a combination of math, Greek mythology and monsters, you will not only have tons of fun, but you are also going to start loving math.

The game itself is based on numbers:

-7 to 14 (1st to 8th grade) is the age for which this game was designed

-12 characters from Greek mythology included in the game: Zeus and Athens as heroes, and Hades, Chimera, Medusa, Giant, Titan, Minotaur, Centaur, Cerberus, Typhon and Satyr as the bad guys.

-50 levels you have to complete

-3 difficulty levels (easy, normal and hard)

-0 to 1000 is the range of numbers for calculation tasks

-4 math operations - multiplication, division, addition and subtraction

-10 bosses to defeat. At every fifth level, one mythical creatures attacks.

-2 game play backgrounds – the first describes ancient Greece and the second reflects the Underworld burning on fire


The feature “For educators” was created to offer different game settings for players, depending on their age and level of math knowledge. For example, younger kids can choose to play the game only with addition and subtraction and only with numbers ranging from 0-25 at the ”easy” or “normal” level, whereas eight and nine-graders can choose to use all math operations and numbers between 0 and 1000 at the “difficult” level.

This feature is called “For educators” because parents, tutors or teachers can keep track of correct and wrong answers for each math operation and number range.

When you are able to complete all the fifty levels with all math operations with difficulty set at “hard”, know that you’ve become a math pro! Until then, practice math with Math Games – Zeus vs. Monsters on your iPhones, iPods and iPads and defend your throne! 

Compatible with all versions of Windows operating system on PC computers.

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Zeus vs Monsters - PC Game Full Version - Math Games for Kids Grade K-5

0 ratings
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